Waste Items That Shouldn’t Be Put in Landfills


Waste Items That Shouldn’t Be Put in Landfills

While a great deal of our country’s waste ends up in landfills, not all waste can and/or should be put into a landfill. Some of this waste is too toxic for landfills.

Are you wondering what kinds of waste should not be put in a landfill? Read on! This blog post contains some information you will want to know.


While many states still allow electronic waste to be thrown into landfills, doing so is harmful to the environment. Electronic waste can contain toxic chemicals that cause significant damage if allowed to seep into the ground. Because of this, the state of Wisconsin has made it illegal to dispose of many electronic items in landfills. Instead, it’s encouraged that you recycle your electronics. Electronics that can be recycled include computers, keyboards, printers, copiers, fax machines, VCRs, cell phones and more.

Assorted Yard Waste

While you may think that yard waste can be thrown in a landfill, the reality is, it shouldn’t. Instead, yard waste should be taken to a compost facility. There, it either breaks down and returns to the earth, or is recycled to be used as mulch.

Fortunately, most curbside pickup programs will collect yard waste separately. Common types of yard waste accepted by these programs include grass clippings, tree branches and weeds.


If there’s one type of item you should refrain from putting in a landfill, it’s tires. When thrown in landfills, tires become very detrimental to the earth. Not only do they take up a great deal of space, but they force harmful methane gas into the soil as they slowly break down.

Instead of disposing of tires in landfill, it’s wise to have your tires recycled. Tire recycling aids in the development of vital fuels, and also creates a great deal of the ground rubber that exists today known as “crumb rubber”.

Home Appliances

Another group of items that should not be put in landfills is home appliances. These appliances include, but are not limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and oven ranges.

Home appliances can sometimes contain chemicals that are toxic to the earth, making them unsuitable candidates for landfills. Instead of being placed in landfills, home appliances should be recycled or taken in by a private junk collector.

Propane Tanks

Are you trying to dispose of a propane tank? If so, you should know that a landfill is not an option. Propane tanks are not only bad for the environment, they’re potentially dangerous to those who work in waste collection.

For this reason, it’s best to be very careful with their disposal. Generally, there are two disposal options. You can either take them back to their retailer or bring them to a hazardous waste collection station.

By utilizing common sense, and understanding the “do’s and don’ts” of proper waste disposal, you play a critical role in making our planet safer and more sustainable. Americans have done a great job of embracing recycling and the disposal of hazardous materials, but there is still a great opportunity to do more. Together we can create a “greener” tomorrow for future generations.

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