Residential Trash Collection in Whitewater, Wisconsin


Residential Trash Collection in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Trash and waste are inevitable. There is almost no way to live on earth without creating waste of some kind. After this waste has been created, it needs to be properly disposed of and potentially recycled. While you could dispose of your waste yourself, it’s much easier to make use of a waste collection service in Whitewater, Wisconsin. A trash collection service will come to your home on a regularly scheduled basis, pick up your waste and deliver it to exactly where it needs to go.

Benefits of Residential Trash Collection:

There are many benefits of residential trash collection. Three of the primary benefits are as follows:


There is no more convenient way to dispose of your trash than by utilizing Whitewater residential waste collection services. When using these services, you are only responsible for getting your waste to the curbside. Once it has been brought to the curb, you can simply wait for it to be picked up by your waste collector.

The alternative to home service is to drive your trash to the proper areas yourself. This is a messy, inconvenient and time-consuming option.


Utilizing a waste collection service is safer than handling your trash by yourself. This is true for both you and for the environment.

Those who dispose of their own trash often dump it in environmentally-harmful ways. Not only do these individuals negatively impact the environment, they expose themselves to potentially dangerous substances.


In many cases, when individuals dispose of their waste themselves, they tend to leave it sitting around their property for a while. Obviously, this results in less-than-pleasant odors and a general sense of uncleanliness.

By making use of residential collection services, you don’t have to worry about bad odors or a lack of cleanliness. Your trash will be picked up every week without fail, leaving your property sanitary.

What Does Residential Trash Collection Entail?  

There’s nothing complicated about residential trash collection services. When you subscribe to these services, you are given a large waste bin. In this bin, you can discard as much trash as it can fit.

At the same time every week, a waste collector will stop by your house and collect the trash that was put in your bin. All you have to do is put your trash in your bin, and leave your bin by the side of the road on your scheduled pickup day.

Once your trash is picked up by your trash collector, it is dropped off at a municipal facility to ensure that it is disposed of safely and sustainably.

Receptacle Options

When you start your trash collection subscription, you get to choose which type of receptacles you’d like to utilize. There are a number of different packages available, all of which include both a trash receptacle and a recycling receptacle.

One option is to opt for a 65-gallon trash receptacle and a 65-gallon recycling receptacle. Another option is to opt for a 65-gallon trash receptacle and a 96-gallon recycling receptacle.

You can also choose the inverses of these options: a 96-gallon trash receptacle with a 96-gallon recycling receptacle, or a 96-gallon trash receptacle to go with a 65-gallon recycling receptacle.

Schedule Trash Collection in Whitewater

Are you interested in utilizing trash collection services in Whitewater, Wisconsin? If so, Badgerland Disposal is the company to call.

We offer a variety of waste collection plans, all of which involve having your trash picked up on a weekly basis. With two different-sized trash receptacles available, we shouldn’t have any trouble accommodating your waste disposal needs. Started in Wisconsin, we are the team that fellow Badgers trust!

Contact us now to set up service!

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