What are the Most Commonly Recycled Household Items in Footville, Wisconsin?


What are the Most Commonly Recycled Household Items in Footville, Wisconsin?

While you could throw your recyclable items into your standard garbage or waste bin, you would be doing both the environment and the economy a disservice. Instead, you should consider recycling these items. By doing so, you can help reduce the strain on natural resources, and help keep manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. The easiest way to engage in recycling is by signing up for a curbside recycling program. After you’ve signed up, you will be given a curbside recycling receptacle — one that will be picked up from your curb on a bi-weekly basis. All you have to do is throw your recyclable items inside of it and wheel it to the curb.

Wondering what items you can put inside your curbside recycling receptacle? Here is a list of the most commonly recycled items in Footville, Wisconsin.


Copy paper, envelopes, newspaper and magazines are only a few of the many paper items that are recycled on a regular basis. If you own a home, you almost undoubtedly have paper items that are recyclable.


Like paper, cardboard is recycled on a very frequent basis. Recyclable cardboard items vary from cereal boxes, to shipping boxes and everything in between. Simply break it down and throw it into your recycling bin.

Tin Soup Cans

Almost everyone has tin soup cans in their cupboards. For  this reason, they’re one of the most recycled household items in existence.

Aluminum Soda Cans

As you probably already know, aluminum soda cans are recyclable. They get recycled in massive numbers on a yearly basis, and are vital in the replenishment of the aluminum supply in the United States.

When recycling soda cans, you don’t have to worry about crushing them. You can throw them into your recycling bin as soon as you’re finished with them.


Did you know that you can recycle the copious amounts of junk mail that end up in your mailbox? Everything from envelopes, to printed paper, to catalogues and more can be recycled as is.

Glass Bottles

Whether it be a glass soda bottle, a glass ketchup bottle or some other type of glass container, it can be recycled. When recycling your glass bottles, make sure to first remove their caps. Also, be careful not to break them, as most recycling collection services do not accept broken glass.

Glass Jars

Not only are glass bottles commonly recycled, but glass jars as well. This includes everything from mason jars, to jelly jars and much more. When recycling glass jars, you don’t have to worry about removing any of their labels. However, you should make sure that you’re removing their lids, as these are not recyclable.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are used for everything from sports drinks, to sodas, to coffee creamer and much more. Fortunately, all of these bottles can be recycled. Before throwing them in your recycling bin, make sure to rinse them out.

Plastic Jugs

In addition to recycling plastic bottles, you can also recycle plastic jugs. Whether they’re used to contain milk, juice, water or otherwise, they can be put through the recycling process. Again, before throwing them in your recycling bin, it’s recommended that you rinse them out.

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