Recycling Collection in Emerald Grove, Wisconsin: What Items Can’t Be Picked Up?

Recycling Collection in Emerald Grove, Wisconsin: What Items Can’t Be Picked Up?

Maybe you’re thinking about getting into recycling? Perhaps you’re already recycling, but are looking for a little more information on the matter? In any case, you might be trying to get an idea as to what can and what can’t be put in a roadside pickup recycling container.

If you’re caught in this conundrum, we can help. As one of the premier recycling companies in Emerald Grove, Wisconsin, we know this subject as well as we know anything.

Below, we’re going to discuss some of the items that can’t be picked up in a roadside recycling program. Let’s get started!


Though you might have wood items that you’d like to dispose of, you cannot dispose of them by putting them in a roadside recycling container. Recycled wood is rarely used to make new products. In most cases, it is broken down and used for either mulch or compost.

If you really want to get rid of old wood items, you can either try to donate them to a thrift store, or you can use them as firewood.

Plastic Grocery Bags

While most plastic items can be put in roadside recycling containers, plastic grocery bags are an exception. Though these bags can be recycled, they cannot be recycled through the same techniques as other plastic objects.

If you really want to recycle your plastic grocery bags, you can either use them for different purposes, or bring them back to a grocery store. Many grocery stores will accept and recycle bags.


Though styrofoam items are capable of being recycled, it’s rare that anybody ever recycles them. They lose a great deal of value after they have been put through the recycling process. Therefore, the majority of roadside recycling pickup services do not accept them.

Auto Parts

Auto parts can be recycled. However, they are not accepted in most roadside recycling containers.

If you have old auto parts in your possession, and they are not dirty, they can typically be melted down and recycled. However, if they’re dirty, they likely can’t be put through the recycling process.


Needles can never, under any circumstances, be recycled. Because they’re capable of transmitting disease, recycling companies avoid them at all costs. If you have old needles in your possession, and if you’re looking to dispose of them, you should abide by your city’s and state’s respective disposal guidelines.

Items with Food Stuck on Them

In order for an item to be recycled, it needs to be in its pure state. If the item is permanently soiled by something (ie. food, chemicals, etc.), it cannot be returned to its pure state, and therefore cannot be recycled.

The primary point is, before throwing items into your recycling bin, make sure that they are clean of all food particles. If food particles cannot be removed, then you shouldn’t put that item into the recycling bin.

Toxic Items

If an item is potentially toxic in any way, it cannot be put in a roadside recycling bin. Such items include batteries, paint cans, motor oil containers, and old-school thermometers.

Some of these items can be thrown in the trash, but others of these items have more complex disposal methods. If you have any questions about how to dispose of a specific item, you should call your local government.

Utilize Recycling Collection Services in Emerald Grove

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