Recycling Collection in Avalon, Wisconsin: What Items Can Be Picked Up?

Recycling Collection in Avalon, Wisconsin: What Items Can Be Picked Up?

While you have the option to throw all of your trash into a landfill, it’s highly recommended that you engage in recycling. Recycling your waste has a number of advantages, benefiting the economy and the environment, in particular.

Maybe you’re ready to give it a go? Perhaps you’re ready to start recycling in Avalon, Wisconsin? Now, the question becomes: what exactly can you recycle? Which items can be put in a curbside pickup recycling receptacle?

Ask and you shall receive! This article has you covered.


One of the most commonly recycled items is paper. People recycle paper items of all kinds, including, but not limited to magazines, junk mail, newspapers, phone books, and office paper.

The only types of paper that can’t be recycled are those that are treated or coated. These include paper cups, paper juice boxes, and other such entities.


Another commonly recycled item is plastic. Many individuals will recycle plastic objects such as shampoo bottles, detergent containers, cups, and buckets. You should note, however, that plastic bags cannot be recycled curbside.

Tin Cans

As you likely already know, tin cans are recyclable. Whether these cans be soup cans, vegetable cans, or otherwise, they can be picked up through scheduled pickup programs. However, before you throw them in the bin, make sure that they’ve been washed thoroughly. If they’re covered in food matter, tins items cannot be recycled.


Cardboard is used for a number of different applications, meaning you probably have quite a bit of it laying around the house. If you do, indeed, have cardboard items in your house, you can recycle them through a curbside pickup program.

Types of cardboard that can be recycled include cardboard shipping boxes, clean pizza boxes, and cereal boxes. Types of cardboard that can’t be recycled include soiled food containers, waxed cardboard, and plastic-infused cardboard.


Essentially all kinds of metals can be recycled, from aluminum, to tin, to stainless steel, to copper, and much, much more. If you have metal items that you’re looking to dispose of, and they’re small enough to fit, they can be placed inside of a curbside recycling receptacle.

However, be careful not to include metals that have come into contact with dangerous chemicals. Metal items such as batteries, paint cans, coated pots, propane tanks, and oil cans cannot be recycled through a curbside pickup program.

Aluminum Cans

Perhaps no material gets recycled more than aluminum cans. The world is filled with these cans, as they are used to package soda, beer, and a variety of other beverages. It’s fairly safe to say that everyone has some in their possession.

There’s nothing difficult about recycling aluminum cans through a curbside pickup program. Simply finish their contents, and throw them in the recycling bin.


One last item that you can recycle through a curbside pickup program is glass. Glass bottles and jars are commonly recycled, as they are 100% reusable.

However, not all glass items can be recycled. Make sure to steer clear from glass items that have been treated in some form or fashion. These items include glass tupperware, windows, and other glass that has been chemically enhanced.

Arrange for Recycling Collection in Avalon

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