Four Stalls

Four Stalls

Our Badgerland Portable four-stall luxury restroom/porta potty trailers contain flushable toilets, urinals, and sinks, and they are climate controlled with air conditioning and forced air heat. We have units that feature granite countertops, wood floors, and sconce lighting for special events, and industrial trimmed units that have stainless steel fixtures and heavy duty flooring for commercial job sites. Our executive bathroom/porta potty trailers work great at weddings and special events, and as a temporary porta potty solution during construction projects.

We also offer the Premier Veranda Model portable restroom trailer, which features an outdoor deck leading to each individual restroom stall. These porta potties are great for outdoor weddings and corporate events.

Our VIP restroom trailers/porta potties come with features like AM/FM Bluetooth radio with in-unit speakers, foot pedal flushable toilets for hands free operation, exhaust fans for proper ventilation, and solar powered units in case there is no electrical connection available.

Site recommendations: one 20 amp outlet for moderate to warm weather operations, and two to three 20 amp outlets for cold weather operations. We offer generator rentals if your site requires one. Also, a water hookup via garden hose is desired, but an onboard self-contained water tank could be utilized if necessary.

Length – 14 ft. Box, 19 ft. with Tongue
Width – 8’5”, 9’6” with Steps
Height – 11’3” including AC Unit
150 gallons fresh, 500 gallons waste

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