How to Properly Dispose of Medication Garbage in Shopiere

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How to Properly Dispose of Medication Garbage in Shopiere

Most of the waste in your home can be disposed of without a second thought. We typically throw waste into a trash bag, set it out by our curbs and wait for our Shopiere, Wisconsin waste management company to pick it up. Medications, however, are a little bit different.

While some medications can be thrown into a waste bin, many of them should be disposed of in a safer manner. Are you wondering how you should dispose of your old medications? Read below to find out!

Submit Them to a Take-Back Program

One medication disposal option is to submit your old medications to a take-back program. These programs exist solely for the purpose of safely disposing any potentially dangerous medications. If they’re available to you, these programs are an effective medication disposal option.

There are two general types of take-back programs: take-back collection sites and take-back collection events.

Take-back Collection Sites

Take-back collection site are permanently established sites that agree to take back and properly dispose of old medications. Varying from community to community, they are often found in pharmacies, police stations and hospitals.

In some cases, your pharmacy may even give you the option to send old medications to collection sites via mail.

Take-back Collection Events

Every once in a while, take-back collection events will be held in specially designated areas. These events are hosted by a number of different organizations, including the Drug Enforcement Administration and local police departments, to name just a few.

If you have old medications that you would like to dispose of, these events are something you may want to take advantage of.

Put Them in Your Garbage Bin

While it’s first recommended that you try to submit them to a take-back program, you can, in fact, dispose of some medications by throwing them into your Sophiere garbage bin. This is true of any medications that do not come with special throw-away instructions.

Though you have the option to just throw your medications into your garbage receptacle as is, it’s a better practice to take a few preemptive measures.

First, we recommend mixing your medications with an inedible substance such as dirt. After this mixture has been created, use a hammer smash it into dust particles. Then, scrape those dust particles into a sealable plastic bag. Finally, seal the bag and throw it into your waste bin.

Disposing of medications in this manner ensures that they’re not stolen out of your waste bin, and that they’re not eaten by animals. In short, it creates a safer environment for everyone.

Flush Them

When you can, you should always take your medications to a take-back program. This is true of both highly toxic and low-risk medications. However, what if you don’t have any take-back programs in your area?

If you don’t have any take-back programs in your area, and if you’re trying to dispose of highly toxic medications, you can flush them down your toilet. Though this might sound like strange advice, it’s actually recommended by FDA.

The purpose of flushing these medications down your toilet is that it will dissolve them and prevent them from being accidentally ingested by those who should not be ingesting them. It’s important to note, however, that you should only do this if your prescription bottle advises you to do so.

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